A Common C/C++ Core Specification rev 2

v2 of that specification just appeared on the C comittee website:

A Common C/C++ Core Specification rev 2

For an introduction to the originial version see “A common C/C++ core specification”

Most important additions in this revision are

  • three-way comparison (spaceship operator)
  • “initializer” construct for captures of lambdas
  • a tool for textual representation of all basic types and arrays, totext
  • more attributes: core::free , core::realloc, core::noleak,
    core::writethrough, core::concurrent
  • constexpr
  • if with variable definitions

and some more cleanups and harmonizations between C and C++.

3 thoughts on “A Common C/C++ Core Specification rev 2”

  1. This is pretty interesting. We’ve been working on formalizing C++ for the purpose of doing program verification. I couldn’t find anything in the document about the memory model. Do you know of any work on the memory model of C++? A core memory model would really be a great thing.

    1. There is nothing in particular that I am aware off, but my knowledge about C++ and their model for improvements is still only rudimentary. In the C memory model study group we are actively working with people from the C++ side to make things consistent between the two languages.

      1. Thanks. Is the study group public? Are there people that you could put me in touch with, especially people from the C++ side of things? We’ve been getting much deeper into this lately, but we’re probably still only scratching the surface in our current examples.

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