C17: reformulations for atomic_flag

In C11, there was a problem with the fact that atomic_flag is one of the rare types that is not considered to have a value, but it only has state (clear and set) which is changed via function calls. (mtx_t and cnd_t are other examples of such types.) There was no established relation between these states and the return value of the atomic_flag_test_and_set functions (which is bool).

C17 clears that up by prescribing the return values of atomic_flag_test_and_set

The C17 description ( p2) of the atomic_flag_test_and_set functions, first sentence now reads:

Atomically places the atomic flag pointed to by object in the set state and returns the value corresponding to the immediately preceding state.

The return value specification (p3) has been changed to:

The atomic_flag_test_and_set functions return the value that corresponds to the state of the atomic flag immediately before the effects. The return value true corresponds to the set state and the return value false corresponds to the clear state.

The description of atomic_flag_clear (, p2), second phrase, has also been clarified as follows:

Atomically places the atomic flag pointed to by object into the clear state.